Thinkware F550 Dash Cam Box

The Thbuilt-inkware F550 built-in digital camera is a Korean dashboard digital camera which sells beneath the call Inavi FXD900 integrated Korea. Inavi Thintegratedkware is one of the maximum popular dash cam manufacturers integrated Korea and that they these days targeted outside of that usa.

The front camera statistics at 1080p, 30fps with a chunk rate of 10 Mbps. The rear digital camera facts at 720p, 30fps at a bit fee of 6 Mbps. Video exceptional all through the day is excellent and night time is ideal for the front camera integrated maximum situations. Rear digicam is common built-ing the day and grabuilt-iny at night. when the camera was launched built-in 2013, the video quality built-in very respectable. however, as of 2015, some of 1080p front and rear built-inintegrated cameras are to be had makbuilt-ing this digital camera less built-in.

The F550 the front digicam is based totally on the Texas builtintegrated TMS320DM8127 processor and Sony Exmor CMOS sensor. The rear camera may be bought separately and is referred to as the BCH-300. usual, the image appears a bit dark at night that’s built-in given the Sony Exmor CMOS. It additionally may be graintegratedy built-in a few riding conditions, a commonplace problem with Texas built-instruments primarily based processors.

beyond image satisfactory integrated, the F550 has a few nice capabilities:

Low profile layout of built-inmabuiltintegrated unit and small rear digicam size lets builtintegrated discreet integrated
7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 GPS, G-sensor and parkbuilt-ing mode (buffers video and saves 10 seconds before and after the event on each cameras)
built-inintegrated keep technology builtintegrated to the MicroSD card as well asintegrated built-in memory built-in occasion of a crash
constructed integrated battery discharge prevention / low voltage shutoff (11.7V to twelve.4V, changeable by 0.1V)
Thermal sensor which triggers automatic close down if the camera gets too warm

whilst the form of the digicam is unassuming, the the front digicam is quite huge at a hundred and five.2mm x 161.5 mm x 41mm. also the lens surroundintegratedg is a silver / chrome shade, which makes whole unit greater seen from out of doors the car. All black could be favored. then agabuiltintegrated, the rear camera is plenty smaller and very stealth.

one builtintegrated the most important negatives with the FX500 is that it takes approximately 70 seconds to “boot-up” from parkintegratedg mode to riding mode recordbuilt-ing. built-inthe followbuiltintegrated video suggestsintegrated the boot-up sequence.

We would really like to thank our member niko who provided the assessment for this digital camera on our forum.

size comparison

thanks to niko for this length evaluation photograph.

known troubles
Video Gaps

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when recordintegratedg integrated 2 channel mode ( front + rear digital camera ) and later joining video clips, there’s a totally small hole or “soar” among for the front digital camera motion pictures. this does not arise if handiest the front digicam is recordintegratedg. Thintegratedkware built-inis callbuiltintegrated at correctintegratedg this trouble.
Mountbuilt-ing the digital camera
FX550 Teardown

way to our member niko for offerbuiltintegrated this teardown.
pattern films

ought to I buy?

whilst we just like the shape issueintegrated of this dual digicam, the video exceptional, whilst first rate isn’t superb. The 70 2nd boot time is a huge poor as nicely. built-inconsiderbuiltintegrated the front camera sells for $300 and the rear digital camera is an additional $one hundred, it’s miles difficult to endorse this digicam. At that fee variety there are more recent dual 1080p cameras available which need to be a attention.
built-in to buy for lowest fee

This digital camera is mostly to be had on Amazon.
The modern day English firmware and player may be downloaded from the Thbuilt-inkware site.