Professional Cleaning Set for DSLR Cameras 2018

Expert cleansing set for DSLR cameras that you could use ordinary or as soon as a month, relies upon on how frequently you use your DSLR camera. Has Expert-cleansing-set-for-dslr-cameras

The whole thing to clean it:

  • Lens cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning fabric
  • Lens cleaning pen
  • Cleansing Tissues
  • Air blower cleanser
  • Cleansing brush


Purosol all herbal lens cleanser 1 oz. Spray bottle

–  purosol optical is secure and effective for use on all optical and covered lenses, it carries no alcohol, ammonia, detergent, or another conventional solvent that could harm your pricey coatings.

Magicfiber® microfiber cleaning cloths (3 computers)

– 1 more huge black 16×16″, 1 unique black 6×7″, 1 authentic gray 6×7″

– the best rated and top selling microfibers online.

– extraordinarily first-rate microfiber leaves 0 scratches, streaks or marks. Safe for all surfaces and lenses.

New ordinary lens cleansing pen

– the smooth brush retracts into the pen frame to stay clean. Use the brush to dirt off any debris and debris.

– hidden within the other end is a double-sided smooth pad with a non-liquid cleaning agent to dispose of fingerprints and greater critical dirt.

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50 sheets camera cleaning tissue

– guide of 50 sheets. This cleaning tissue is a top rate, lightweight, disposable lintless tissue.

– each tissue paper guide is individually and smartly packed in its personal polyurethane plastic bag for long-term safekeeping.

Air blower cleaner

– direct an effective movement of air to blow away dust and specks from lenses, DSLR sensors, and camera mirrors.

– safer and easier to govern than compressed air.

Professional cleaning brush

– disposable, static-free, and carries no abrasives or silicones.

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